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First Friday's Group provides equal access to the arts

“Upworthy was able to speak with the  First Friday’s Group founders, who developed an idea that promotes equal opportunity and access to the arts. The team explains how they came up with the idea for First Fridays Group, their vision for the future, and how technology will help them continue to improve the lives of others through their work.”

These cofounders provide a platform for local artists. Now, it’s their turn to perform on a global stage

“Every single time that we said ‘yeah, right’ externally, internally the seeds of ‘what if’ kept growing,” Madu said. “We realized that tech is the answer to the scalability and global accessibility of our platform.”


First Friday’s Group: The Social Startup Making Waves In Baltimore

“Being a graduate of the Baltimore City public school system, I’m extremely excited for a company like this to exist.” says Baltimore native & 1FG administrative member Duncan Parke 

“1FG builds a bridge that connects college students to the rich art scene and nightlife Baltimore has to offer, and creates avenues for social exchange between communities that didn’t previously exist.”

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