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All sales are final photograph tags, markings, and any imperfections. So see, it's all gonna work out in the end. I had not thought of that possibility. climate-controlled warehouses until they are delivered to I considered purchasing the Stratton bed before finding this cheaper alternative, but decided the price was too high. DH and I each use one side drawer as a hamper, then the others are our bedding storage so no need for a linen closet in the bedroom (the drawers are huge as would be the baskets). Now there are nail polishes available which do the same thing. Pup,Since yours is going in a guest room, I'm sure you won't have the scratching that mine has done. order in as fast as two days. buy and sell furniture. Someone who is somewhat handy could make this piece easily as it does not take a master craftsman to make this. Ficamos muito satisfeitos., A Perfect Design tem um excelente atendimento, os custos e benefcios de seus materiais so perfeitos, j que o preo acessvel. The kitchen we totally contracted out as we could not do it ourselvesand the bath reno, as well. Part of his argument for it is that it comes with 6 of those neat baskets. Informamos que estamos passando por problemas com as nossas linhas telefnicas. No way. I guess I've always really wanted the baskets, but I was seeing some benefits to the Cynthia so I was considering it. Thanks again for the informationvery helpful!pup. When I mentioned this to DH, he said, "But where would you get those cute baskets?" What to do w/artwork. Hey bleigh, I know what you are saying and I appreciate it. Ah, this is an ancient thread but I'm hoping to get some good feedback from igloochic. But can I point out, for that price, the lovely baskets are included. No circulation under it. Either they can lead me to the replacement part or not. Go figure Actually igloo there's a good chance you could make this bed for about two hundred which is what Ana wrote at Knock Off Wood. [email protected], Rua Alberto Stenzowski, 62 We own the bed, really like it. Oh -oh. Ohhhh I forgot to addthe top of the bed frame is actually a little larger than the mattress so if it jiggles around a bit I suppose I wouldn't notice it because the mattress is never hanging over the edge. Scoobyruby, that's a little concerning. I BELIEVE THAT ANYONE CAN LIVE LARGE ON A SMALL BUDGET. He has white shelves under a bench where I keep baskets for toys - we are having problems with the baskets scratching the white woodwork as he pulls them in and out. I don't seem to have a picture of the bed aside from this: As to the lack of a headboardI believe they offer one now, but most people buy this because they don't want a headboard :) as in our case. There was so many colors of the rainbow, mold. It does not even come with a headboard?? I could have sworn Ive done a post on them already, but I couldnt find it! I like this because when you make the bed with a comforter everything hangs just to the bed frame, leaving the drawers exposed with easy access (you're not always tucking a comforter out of the way when you use the drawers). our warehouse to make sure it meets Kaiyos standards for The Grayson, from Kohl's, is a pretty nice alternativeand much nicer than the Wal-Mart version (darker wood, etc), We slide it out once a year to access the cabinet headboard which is our christmas storage area. If she doesn't take it, I will be selling it. Our team of photographers Our team carefully inspects each item before bringing it to Darlene posted on this at her blog, Our Creative Life. It's worth every penny, and no, we hit this with out toes no more often than we did out old "normal" bed. Have had this bed w/baskets for 6 months. pup, I wish I could make myself to get to bed at a decent time all the time, but there are nights I just can't.Gilda was so very talented. Obrigado por ajudar no prazo e tudo mais, vocs so timo!, Quero parabenizar a empresa pelo trabalho desenvolvido nos cordes e crachs. Yikes! tmkb, oooohhhhhh that bed looks nice. Six of the drawer boxes. I just wanted to give you something to my problems is in a child's room (boy!) There are so many possibilities; c'est ne pas grave. Did anyone figure out what caused the mold in the earlier posts? It's a bit too contemporary for me, but I will have a look at the rugs with black. OH!I forgot all about that being the characters name! The plans are here:, I also have plans that I LOVE for the Stratton Daybend here:, I absolutely love PB's Stratton bed. Ser empresa lder no mercado, reconhecida pela excelncia em solues no seu segmento. Does this bed have slats or solid wood for the mattress? But I'm getting the feeling nothing will come of it, as they forwarded it to their "technical" team. tima comunicao e atendimento e o melhor preo do mercado., Sempre que precisei me atenderam prontamente. I would say that is the biggest drawback to the bad, we love it otherwise. Thanks. I think it's really pretty and can solve storage issues in small room/house. All that I think you might do here is find a very sheer tightly woven fabric like the georgette described above or a fine taffeta, a fabric of body, in ivory or crue and wind it through the existing structure to soften the austerity of the line, with perhaps a suggestion of draping at whatever intervals you deem appropriate, without covering the entire top, to you own taste. Did anyone go back and add a headboard? I feel really dumb now. HA! SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. Thank you so much everybody, especially Igloochic. I, too, had heard the bed was very heavy. Any regrets? I was busy drawing and didn't see you reply to bleigh.Said in my best Gilda Radner impression"Never mind.". Has anyone been able to move it and if so how? These baskets are pulled out several times daily by BOYS!! The fabric is an ivory Chinese silk georgette, so it is crisp with a full body, and does not hang at all like chiffon. If it is one piece it will never make it up the stair well. I have free plans that are easy to follow on how to build this bed. Or at the very least only put the old folks in that room, but I guess there's no gurantee even with that. Can anyone tell me where this bed is from? {{!gwi}}Click on drawing to see enlarged version. (ref. If I didn't have animals I would have purchased the baskets instead. You're not going to find it sliding around all over the place at all. But, I guess at this point, I'm picking my battles. Qualidade, agilidade, excelncia no atendimento, tica e honestidade. I was considering buying for my bedroom upstairs which has a very narrow staircase. lol. Good grief! Let me know if your up for the challenge. Now he's talking about a $1,000+ bed with no headboard! No sliding, no sign of mold, located in a finished basement in humid Georgia. Pottery Barns Stratton Bed (w/o headboard) = $1,599. No issue of mold on outside above drawers just in the middle. She did not make the curtains, but rather a wedding dress with a ruffled cape for me. Says it's perfect for our little condo in FL and made me get online to check the price. their items from our New Jersey or Maryland warehouses. The silk is old, and would cost a fortune now even if it could be located. So, I am super late to this thread but I scored a king stratton bed with baskets on CL for $100. from the front steel door, which, of course references an old style paneled wooden door, so we can maintain some level of comfort, and imagine that Barbara Billingsley is still in the kitchen, making us some soup. She may be taking it now that she is moving. I was looking to buy the Stratton bookcase headboard but they discontinued it. 1 tree planted per order with And Bleigh, I looked at the plans that justgotabeme (Emily Latella) posted and I did find them interesting. It is so heavy. I have experienced something similar. That makes me feel better about it. Good to know. The rug pad DOES fix the mattress slipping, unless you get extremely uh energetic. Maybe that remotely handy person could get the dimensions of the frame and probably make it for you in a day or two?? The rug pad 100% solves any mattress slipping. Am not happy. Eu j gostei no primeiro contato, pela ateno, preo, rapidez e qualidade no atendimento e produtos., Os cordes Ficaram show de bola! I have remembered this in order to tone-down my love for the"shiny" just a tad. I'm gonna do some thinking about it. It's a beautiful bed. Terms of use and The beautiful bed is already too tall to allow a generous swath of fabric hung from a central point, in the ceiling. I was thinking to just put one accent pillow in black and then a black frame on the chair that is dainty for the desk, and possibly black lamps though because I currently have a mostly black rug and wow, it looks dirty a day after vacuuming it and it really looks heavy in the room. Oddly, my initial thought was the fabric purchased by my Mom which she had thought would make lovely curtains for her great room. Im all about high style on a budget!! preferred delivery date, and may choose to receive their Take your kitchen up a notch even if it will never reach top-of-the-line, with these cheap and easy decorating ideas, Kid-friendly basket storage teaches organization and keeps school clutter at bay, Its like camping out in a catalog sometimes at this classic farmhouse Pottery Barn and other retailers love it for photo shoots, Intelligent reuse and innovative engineering create a modern family home thats anything but typical, Midcentury art, pottery and a mix of furnishings bring a hip edge to a traditional Los Angeles home, Comfort and convenience today's sleep sofas offer both. delivery carriers. Any solutions? But when you know all the options, bed skirts can rack up major style points too, For easy bedding that makes neutrals sing and accessories pop, look to the white side, Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers, Outdoor Lighting & Audio/Visual Specialists, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Kitchen Touches Anyone Can Do, Smart Back-to-School Storage: Wicker Baskets, My Houzz: Rustic Meets Refined in a Converted Ohio Barn, Houzz Tour: Layered Look Adds a Fresh Sense of Style, My Houzz: A Prefab Modern Farmhouse Rises in Vermont. P.S. One really good thing is that I was told by the sales lady at PB that if you order it through the store instead of online, the store will come and get it/take it back for any reason if you're not perfectly happy. Yeah, your post aboveGilda RadnerEmily Latella..never mind. Yes, it is very heavy and you cannot easily move it to get to the baskets against the wall. It is also possible to purchase the headboard separately, and also, to pick from various fabric and tufting styles. If you are unhappy for any reason, well I remember that there was some consideration of timing required between the three coats of acrylic, in order to facilitate the branching fractal pattern without too much resistance from the drying paint layers. Lazygardensvery, very good to know. Firmamos uma parceria e recomendo!, timo atendimento e produtos de alta qualidade.. Whaaaaaaaaa, why do I want the one with the stupid baskets?!? How does it fit both/either? National Forest Foundation. But, I know what you are saying, our dear Pottery Barn sure thinks alot of their stuff. "Deadwood", H.B.O.) I bought it for a rental and I'm hoping this will have some versatility as this room may be used for kids at times, a couple at others. Flip and oh my god. I have the bed with the drawers in our lake house. The storage is fabulous. Please share. We've been renovating our 1952 lake place for 2+ years. Anyone else have this issue. Once items arrive at our warehouse, they are professionally 2021 Perfect Design. An affiliate link means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may be paid a commission on that purchase. The other two images using the same formal presentation are only the same shot inverted . FYI a year or so ago, that little brochure Lowe's sends out showed how to make one from stock kitchen cabinetry with a piece of plywood on top. Privacy Policy. Have you considered the Cynthia bed from PB? I have an apartment in Hong Kong and my full time home is in Southern California. Has anyone had any luck finding a knockoff version of the headboard that would work with the Stratton bed? (and insanely affordable! If my husband didn't have 800 other things he's doing on this house, I might ask him to take a whack at it. Here's what to consider to get the right sleeper for you, A prefab borrows from the simplicity of barns to suit its family and the Vermont countryside, Put up your overnight guests in comfort and style with these sofa bed, bed and mattress options, Sure, they hide the dust bunnies. This idea was already in your mind before I even saw the post; the kismet of serendipity strikes like lightening, with an unrecognized cadence. I almost went there, but fortunately just deleted two rather intense paragraphs, which were waaay beyond the original destination. place and assemble your items with care. I'm delighted that you enjoy my grammar; it was hard won and was in fact nearly beaten into me, and is now a completely innate form, as is scatology, within which noun/verb agreement is crucial to convey an accurate level of intensity. Does anybody else have this problem? How have I not posted about these sooner? once your appointment is complete. If it is the latter, you may still be able to use it in this room, perhaps on the same wall as the door, so that it would not be evident until you were to turn around, when in the room, like a surprise, as it were. We make buying furniture hassle-free. However, a wheel on one of the drawer slides broke, and the slide has neither a part number nor the manufacturer. Don't feel badat first I was thinking it was Roseanne Roseannadanna that said it and almost wrote that. The drawers fit snugly into the frame so you have no issues there. Guess I'll have to find a way to discourage guests from anywell, ya know. That's why I asked! cleaned with organic, eco-friendly products. Customers can also choose to pick up :o) It was hell to ship it to ALaska (PB does not ship there so the shipping costs were about half the bed costs) and I'd pay it again tomorrow. I'm going to go and get some of the extra fabric right now..hang on..(thunders off) Ahh, yes. There are plans linked below, for a bed like the PB, from Knock Off Wood. This will be going in a guest bedroom believe it or not, but it's in a house built in 1952 that has NO storage. I just bought this "system" from a consignment store. I'm five years behind these posts, but am considering getting this bed and am wondering if the original poster has this bed and how they like it. It may be longer than you may think is necessary but I would not cut it. I love the look of the bed and having the extra storage is a big plus for my situation. New to the Stratton party! For you owners of the PB Stratton with baskets - we are seriously considering the purchase. I am honored that you have responded to this. Darlene will probably like that better Thanks for the help! Material de tima qualidade! Depending on the cost of the wood now. The only example extant is marked with an asterisk, contained within the fourth paragraph of the above missive. P.P.P.S The above definition perfectly reflects, within the opinion of this humble writer, the current malaise contained within our system of public education, as specifically evidenced within that which is termed "The New Curriculum", which has redefined specific examples of the known lexicon of the English language, commonly known as "words", and within this arbitrary redefinition of "words" to have meanings lacking the former semantic and contextual history contained within each individual paradigm, resulting in intentional obfuscation, public alienation, run-on sentences and graft, within a previously esteemed public trust. Talk about "juking the stats". Our team of experts take UPDATE: I did order the bed. It costs more than the Stratton, and only has drawers available rather than baskets, but it comes with both a headboard and a footboard, so it seems unlikely the mattress could go anywhere. Ethan Allen British Classics King Poster Bed, Raymour & Flanigan Modern Upholstered King Bed, Vaughan Furniture Somerset King Platform Bed, Spend $1,000 or more and save $100 with code SUN100. sure that you love it. The mirrors generate their own fractal pattern, causing the illusion of the reflection to also fracture, because the silver applied to the back of the glass corrodes from water and freezing and subsequently flakes away revealing a truly authentic "crackle" or more properly branching fractal pattern. But now, we (hubby mostly cause I can't even sew on a button) are drowning in chores. But I know if I did right now, he would either divorce me, or call the men in the white jackets and have them take me away. It would make some lovely photos and scans too. Any owners of a king out there who could advise on this idea of mine? I also saw a lamp on JCP site linked at the bottom of the bed page that I really like. But were trying to do more. In addition I have a comprehensive collection of "slang" which , I truly dig, and have dug since the fifties, man. I have the Stratton bed (with the drawers though) - we used a rug pad and it worked perfectly fine. We're looking for two Stratton beds in twin which does not seem to exist and i got to thinking maybe if we got the King size we could cut out the slats to divide it in half and make a different platform. Hi there! It does not increase the price of the item. I like this bed :) You will too. Yuck..Think it is the design of the bed. Felt on the bottom of the basket? When I moved to Hong Kong a few years ago, I went with no furniture and 3 suitcases. I have read and accepted Kaiyo's Copy Cat Chic contains display advertisements, sponsored content, and affiliate links. I have original receipt. This concept is an integral part of the image system I am making within digital photography, and which I will avoid in detail now, because explanations of this are merely academic without seeing the work. Houzz Pro: One simple solution for contractors and design pros. And the price! Here is a link that might be useful: Knock-Off-Wood's Full Size Storage Bed. Did anyone find it cheaper? A rug pad keeps it from sliding. Thanks! I just found your blog today and became a follower. Fortunately there are several master craftsmen in my family and I guarantee you that this style of bed was made for around $100. Is everyone happy with the purchase? Very solid and well made. Anyways here you go! I didn't do the baskets because we had two cats, a dog and a 4 year oldall of whom would see the baskets as a place to deposit stuff, toys, hair, hairballs etc. LOL! I looked at lots and lots and lots of platform beds and they were all horribly styled. Jenva2010, you had me going there a little while with the Cynthia bed. All Rights Reserved. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR TRAVEL. so it may not apply. Novo Mundo select the most effective and rigorous disinfection process storage, and delivery. I, for one, would NEVER take offense at anyone who took the time to offer their thoughts to me. We have a "gotta do" list that may outlive us. Brand: Anyone? I'm sorry if my comment/suggestion is uncalled forI just know people who've made beds similar to that for around $100 (including the headboard). Right now he is stripping 50+ years of paint off a bank of casement windows, then reglazing the glass panesyada, yada, yada. Walmarts Canopy Classic Bed & Under Bed Storage = $598 TOTAL! Thanks everybody. He absolutely fell in love with it! There's a few options on Overstock as well, like this one that you could attach a headboard to and make it customized for you. My understanding is that it can be made into two twins or one queen size? The style is perfect because it works with antiques as well as new furniture. Not good that PB doesn't supply parts. Igloochic, not to be argumentative about your comment,"It's a very well built product, NOT something you can knock off for 100 bucks. Our experts Seus cordes, crachs e mscaras so montados perfeitamente com muita qualidade e bom gosto! Pottery Barn, Dimensions: Really the only time it slides is if I get behind the bed and shove the mattress off with some force. THE LATEST SALES AND OUR PICKS, PACKING ESSENTIALS No way," but unless you've seen what I"m talking about you can't make that judgement. HA! I am more than certain that the Houzz designers are far more acquainted with this technique than am I. Wingback headboard beds are available from Grandin Road, Target, Wayfair, Overstock, and of course, higher-end retailers such as Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and furniture stores. I must have been brain dead. One of my lovely former students with a kind disposition and fabulous sense of humor remarked that this is obviously not true," more is more, and less is less", and wondered why this was not self-evident.) I was really mainly concerned about the slipping problemwell, and the toe stumping thing. Here is a link that might be useful: PB Stratton bed with baskets. I'm more worried about the weight as we won't be able to get to the baskets on one side of the bed. I guess Christmas items will go there. I wondered if I could get the hinges that attaches the three sections together if one should break. Nor is their any reason why you could not create some kind of armature above the door, if space permits, as a reference to an interior portico, or canopy. I'm also thinking I can get three pieces of twin bed sized plywood and use dowels to attach to two of the boxes to make three twin beds. Customers in our white-glove delivery zone will select their large Pottery Barn farmhouse bed + small space = __?__ nightstands & lamps? I have a challenge for youfind a queen size bed like Pottery Barns Stratton Bed for much cheaper than PBs price. of our service area, we work with a network of third-party

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